- Fix the ACA -

While we all recognize the Affordable Care Act (ACA) a.k.a. Obamacare is flawed, an honest assessment reveals a program that has done more good than expected, provided better healthcare for millions of patients, and established a foundation upon which we can improve.

Healthcare is Force Multiplier in Today’s Economy. Fixing the ACA is a Crucial Step in Keeping America Competitive in the Global Market Place…

In my 20+ years of service delivering Military Healthcare our number one mission was to keep our Military Forces battle ready. Military Healthcare is a force multiplier that keeps service members healthy, removes the worry about family member needs, and guarantees the needs of retirees. This three-prong approach enables the U.S. military to compete unchallenged in any environment. Advanced economies need the same level of support to remain globally competitive. Delivering a Force Multiplier by fixing the ACA is a crucial step in keeping America competitive in the Global Market Place.