- Healthcare for All -

Healthcare accounts for one-sixth of the U.S. economy. In Oklahoma Healthcare Workers account for Ten Percent of the total work force. In addition to the direct impact of healthcare jobs, access to healthcare is essential to both the Economic Growth and Social Health of rural communities.

To Achieve Healthcare for All, We Must Fix the Affordable Care Act (ACA), We Must Employ Funding and Policy Measures to Create a Stable Environment That Attracts Market Competition, and We Must Ensure Patient Options by a Providing a Public Option.

Access to Healthcare, like roads & bridges, safe water, and high-speed internet has become part of the basic infrastructure of American Society. With Tax-Payer Funding currently pay for Sixty Four Percent of all healthcare expenditures, we can no longer view Healthcare Services in the same light as other consumer goods. To achieve healthcare for all, we must Fix the Affordable Care Act (ACA), create Stable Insurance Markets, and provide a Public Option when competition fails.