- Minimum Wage -

The Minimum Wage is not just a number, it is a tool that provides a basic level of negotiating power to working Americans. Additionally, the minimum wage has a domino effect that improves the wages of higher-skilled / higher-paid workers. A strong minimum wage should lift working people out of poverty and set the foundation for of a living wage.

The Minimum Wage Provides a Basic Level Power to All Working Americans. A Strong Minimum Wage Lifts Working People Out of Poverty and Sets the Foundation of a Living Wage. Consumer Spending Powered by Working Wages Accounts for 70% of the American Economy. Targeting a $15/Hour Minimum is an Essential Step to Ensuring a Strong Economic Future….

Consumer spending powered by working wages accounts for 70% of the American economy. Our economic future depends on strengthening the wages of working Americans. Targeting a $15/hour minimum is an essential step to ensuring a strong economic future.