- Healthy Rural Communities -

Somewhere along the line, supporting Working-Class Values and growing the Middle Class took a back seat to liberal, coastal priorities. In the process, our rural communities, the heart of America’s Middle Class, have seen their economies decline, their infrastructure decay, and their way of life disappear.
All the while, our Elected Officials and Political Parties treat us like “Fly-Over” states offering little more than fund-raising opportunities as they jet between coasts.

Building and Maintaining Healthy Communities is the Foundation of Growing The American Middle Class. It’s Time Our Elected Officials Started Appreciating the Heart of America as Our Homes, Rather than a Bunch of “Fly-Over” States…

Industries that provide Jobs with a Future do not choose Communities by accident. Healthy Communities are an essential ingredient to attracting Industries that provide jobs with a future. Healthy Communities do not happen by accident. As with any important endeavor, they are the result of focused attention, careful planning, and dedicated action.