- We Must Change the Way We Look at Things… -

For far too long, Washington has been struck in a backward-facing mindset, consistently looking to worn-out and failed programs from the 1980’s that benefit the Wealthy Top 1-Percent, while passing the costs to working people and killing the middle class.

When You Change The Way You Look at Things, The Things You Look at Changes…

We can no longer afford to look at a Life-Time Investment in People as an expense to be avoided. We can no longer afford to look at Healthcare as a Consumer Product made available at the whims of a fickle market. We can no longer afford to Look at People as Commodities to be purchased cheaply, replaced easily, and automated when possible. We can no longer look to leaders who fail to recognize the Inherent Value of Human Life the Work and expect them to build a just and equitable society.

It is time we fulfilled our our moral obligation to Provide Healthcare for all People, Fight Economic Despair, and Build Healthy Rural Communities.