- Pro-Life Democrats Q & A -

Questions and Answers About What It Means to be a Pro-Life Democrat.

As a Pro-Life Democrat, I reject Abortion as a founding principle of the Democratic Party.

As a Pro-Life Democrat, my political views and positions are based on a Consistent Life Ethic that recognizes the Inherent Value of Human Life.

As a Pro-Life Democrat, I oppose Capital Punishment, support the AMA’s Position on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, and will fight for Policy and Legislation that Seeks to make Abortion an Obsolete Choice.
As a Pro-Life Democrat, I believe we, as a society, have an obligation to Provide Comprehensive Healthcare to all People; Fight the Forces that have Created an Epidemic of Economic Despair; and Invest in Infrastructure and Programs that Enable the Growth of Healthy Communities.

As a Pro-Life Democrat, I recognize that Roe v Wade is the Law of the Land, that abortion existed before Roe v Wade, and that criminalizing Women, Physicians, and Medical Professionals is not a solution that supports my values.

As a Pro-Life Democrat, I understand that all of us, regardless of political party, have or will face healthcare decisions that are challenging and difficult. While I believe Government has a responsibility to provide a legal framework for these decisions, it is the responsibility of families, with the advice medical professionals and guidance from their religious / spiritual advisers, to make decisions that are in alignment with their values and beliefs.

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