- Three Commitments -

In my 20-plus years in the military, I came to see Three Commitments that we make to each-and-every Service Member, regardless of rank, as the foundation upon which we have built the most powerful and respected Military in the world.

First, we make a Lifelong Commitment to Education and Training that enables Service Members to perform their jobs, teaches them to lead people, and prepares them for career advancement. Regardless of a person’s career field or job: technical, administrative, or managerial, the military commits to providing and / or paying for educational opportunities that expand service members’ abilities and make them better citizens.

Second, we make a Commitment to Pay a Living Wage with Benefits using a pay scale that recognizes that entry-level Service Members contribute to the mission and have value.  A pay scale that rewards commitment to the organization as-well-as the acceptance of increased responsibility. Additionally, all Service Member enjoy benefits that support a healthy community and family life, as-well-as a robust retirement plan that ensures every Service Member can enjoy a decent standard of living while they serve and when they retire.

Third, we make a Commitment to Provide Comprehensive Healthcare for Services Members and their families. A commitment that guarantees that no one ever worries that they will have to choose between paying for a doctor’s visit or paying their rent; or worst yet face financial ruin caused by crippling healthcare bills.

War-hardened, no-nonsense leaders did not chose these commitments because some do-gooder said, “It would be a nice thing to do.”

Military leaders chose these commitments, because they understand that education and training, combined with decent pay and benefits as-well-as comprehensive healthcare are part of the infrastructure that enables them to build a healthy community that is the foundation of a high-performance organization.

Pragmatic and experienced leaders did not fight for these commitments because some liberal argued that, “These things are a Right.”

Rather, they went to bat to make these commitments a reality because they recognized that the best way to gain the commitment and dedication of the people they lead is to demonstrate a commitment to those people and their families.

Further, they understood that the only way to remain competitive in an ever-changing world is to Invest in People and ensure they are ready to meet whatever challenge comes their way.

For these reasons, these Commitments Apply To All Service Members and are not reserved for the top echelons of the military.  Nor are these commitments based on means-testing or individual need.  Rather, these commitments apply to all Service Members from the newest Private to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

My goal is to make these commitments a reality for all Americans; regardless of their means or background.

As the foundation of a modern economy, these Commitments are the Minimum Essential Requirements for America to maintain its position in an ever-changing world and ensure the freedom of future generations.

It’s time that we as a Nation quit supporting the lie that giving money to the wealthiest among us is the path to creating a strong and prosperous Country.

Rather, we must make a commitment to invest in America and ensure the people doing the work; the people who make up the working middle class and those who aspire to become middle class are prepared to meet whatever challenge comes our way.

It’s time to tell Washington​ that we can’t afford two more years of then giving away our future to Millionaires, Billionaires, and Foreign Investors. It’s time to let them know that we’re done with Failed Leadership.

Failure Doesn’t Work! We Can Do Better!

It’s Time to Clean House!